It Was Profound Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse from Afar

A solar eclipse

August 21, 2017, the day of the Great American Eclipse, was a truly very special day, even if you didn't live in its direct path. Here's the story of how my magical day unfolded here in Central Florida...

Living in Central Florida, we didn't get the full viewing experience of the total solar eclipse that fortunate tens of millions of people in its direct path got to witness. But when one of the physical senses is restricted, it causes us to turn to one or more of our other senses including the “sixth sense.” 

This is what I decided to do on August 21, 2017–to make very good use of my feeling nature and intuition, to open myself to receive all the positive I could receive from it.

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The etymological origin of the word, intuit, actually means to look at. I may not have seen the total solar eclipse but I looked at it from many directions and in many different ways.

Waking up on Monday morning, I laid in bed peacefully for awhile to connect with the energies of the day. Realizing how powerful they were, I wanted to harness, to take advantage of their power, so I made decrees for the things I wish to manifest in my life NOW.

The day just seemed eerily different.

I went to my violin lesson. The eastern sky was dark with gigantic puffy storm clouds. I entered my violin instructor’s home and it, too, felt different. My teacher’s Indigo teenage daughter was now gone away to college. The absence of her energy in the house combined with the storm clouds, the darkness outside, and the very soon to occur eclipse due North in South Carolina coalesced to create a feeling I still cannot describe other than it was profound, moving, and almost arresting.

I left my violin lesson in the rain and drove straight home so I could be in my sanctuary and also witness the eclipse in totality on CNN as it traveled over Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina.

In St. Joseph, Missouri, many people left before the eclipse’s arrival because it had been steadily raining and the cloud cover was preventing any view of the sun. But just moments before the eclipse was slated to occur, the rain stopped and the clouds opened an aperture exactly large enough for everyone to see the total eclipse of the sun.

The emotion expressed by the CNN reporter and the surrounding crowds was wild and incredibly exciting and it moved me deeply. A miracle had seemed to happen and those who had waited through all the rain were richly rewarded.  Watch that CNN report here.

To hear the shrieks of glee and amazement was absolutely exhilarating to me. It was fantastic to hear so many people so joyous, so turned on, so blown away by such an incredible feat of nature.

At another town in South Carolina, the CNN reporter stood alongside a young man, both with solar filter eclipse glasses on, both looking up at the celestial event. The CNN reporter asked the young man to express how he felt as he watched the eclipse and he said it made him realize he was a true, connected and important part of the universe. 

Maybe I’m over-emotional, but remarks like these and the many crowds' shrieks of joy brought tears to my eyes–joyful tears–so wonderful it was to witness such a large population of people connecting to the natural cosmos we live in as opposed to spending the time texting or vegging out watching television.

I carefully observed the pictures of the eclipse in totality and saw the blue corona along the outline of the sun. We humans also have a blue corona. It's a blue glow right next to our own physical outlines just above the skin and foundational to our auric fields.

I detected red colored bursts of light extending from the Eastern and Northeastern rim of the sun, wondering where those energies would one day end up. I saw the “diamond ring” or the Baily’s beads effect as the moon grazes by the sun. It was outrageous on television and I can only imagine what it must be like to be there to witness it in person!

Next, I went outside my house to stand in the energy of what was transpiring. The sky was a strange color, though not very dark, just oddly different. I just wanted to be as present as I could be through the whole experience. There is more to experience by feeling than merely relying on eyesight, hearing, smelling or physical touch.

I have to say the Great American Eclipse made me want to travel to total solar eclipses from now on not just because I would now love to experience even more being there in person, but because I was so affected by the responses of so many other electrified, enraptured people, many of whom were probably changed forever on August 21, 2017.


Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash