Time to Cure: Casting Light on the Darkness of Terrorism

A young man working magic in a field

We can pommel our "enemies" into the ground. We can try to legislate them away, starve them out, sanction, fight, and ostracize them. We can negotiate, manipulate or ignore them. Some of these tactics will work for a time, almost completely or only very partially because tactics are really all we're mostly employing. And while it may be important or even wise to use various tactics, at the core of all this we are wise if we get to focusing on real cures starting now because it might take some time for the remedy to "take."

People who feel beat down will be angry and some will even pass that anger down to their children. This is why, for generations, the same issues have life and why we periodically have to revisit them through violent uprisings and attacks. 

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The most perfect cure can come from the majority--a critical mass number of people--living exemplary lives of love, peace, non-judgment and acceptance. It will create a literal floodlight--light flooding out the darkness. Those who will find themselves in the minority number entrapped in fear and anger will begin to notice the many are happy and content and they are not. One by one, their so far impenetrable veneers will be penetrated. And they will begin to see the light.

It's going to require FOCUS on our part, but I know that if we hold fast, even in the darkest hours, we can and will have a breakthrough to the new Golden Age our planet has written to enter. In our joining together, we must focus on the positive. When we keep looking at the negative, destructive "what is" and we go into it energetically, we diminish ourselves and our power. 

Current events are teaching and seasoning us. We are finding resilient ways to not only cope but transmute, even transcend, the arresting contrasts to love and life we are experiencing. This is where our focus must be for we still have much ahead of us in terms of Earth Changes. The seasoning and strengthening of ourselves will be a blessing for ALL whenever upheavals, violence and extremes occur.

We will be well developed individuals and powerful beings with a collective light so bright it washes over the whole planet, curing it of its ills, hurts and pains. 

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash>>> https://unsplash.com/@acharki95