Underneath the Hate 2017: Touching the Tipping Point

Love is love is spray painted in red on a paint splattered cement wall

It's fear that causes people to hate. Fear causes people the need to feel superior over others. It causes us to fight, to hurt other, and to close our minds right up.

Hate-and-fear is like a cloak that many wear as a form of protection. In their minds, it's a protection, but it's false.  All it does is make us ugly and drag our own lives down. 

The compulsion to survive is very real. It goes back to our ancient origins on planet earth. There was a time when we were free spirited beings but a shift occurred and we interpreted it to believe that we were unsafe and needed to do whatever was necessary to survive. 

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Our long history is full of aggression of races  and belief systems against each other, even aggression from outside influences like weather and climate. We lost sight and feel of our original, innate, divine, limitless nature. It got it all covered up with fearful altered ego mind. It got so buried that our sole purpose every day evolved to one of almost pure survival.  To an enormous extent, it still is.

We work, we compete, we do what is necessary to earn money to help us survive and if we're very fortunate or we've done very well, that money can even be a conduit for some enjoyment of life–though it can tend to be fleeting and superficial. We seem to all be running on a hamster wheel of survival  not realizing all the while we can step off of it. 

Developing love and relationships have evolved through the ages to take their place alongside the fearful survival instinct, but survival seems to still come first.

What I say is not to justify but to cast light on the reasons why we're experiencing the current events in Charlottesville and in our American society as a whole. In order to transform a thing, it helps to know the reason why it came to be in the first place.

The world is changing and evolving. It must. And closed minds and hearts will be unable to receive the beauty that will ensue from change and transformation. Closed minds and hearts will experience little more than fear and hate which has been locked up solid in those minds and hearts.

I don't know about you, (in fact, I'm pretty sure I know), but every time I'm faced with a major transformation and I open myself up to it, I'm always so glad I did.

It's like walking up to a gate that's locked and you can't see over the other side. You know instinctively that walking through the gate could be challenging but it's important to do. So you push open the gate only to find a beautiful, colorful, joyous garden on the other side. 

Whatever we focus on expands in our lives. If we fear that others are taking our jobs away, we'll lose our jobs. If we fear we'll be replaced by others, our voices eventually most certainly will not be heard. If we fear we'll lose our possessions, it will happen. And it's all of our own doing and creation, only most people don't realize how fear creates the very thing we do not want.

Things like losses and current events will certainly teach us. Some people will learn very little from them because their minds and hearts are still largely closed, but many will get the full benefit of the lessons having had their heads and hearts finally cracked open.

So the dark cloud of fear and hate ends up having a silver lining!

If we just give each other a chance, we'll find out how beautiful everyone is and can be. 

Lack of choice is boring and hardly stimulating to the creative divine nature within all of us. We aren't meant to be automatons. We're all meant to be outrageously diverse, free, fully expressing beings. That's how the God I know intends it for all of us as It expresses Itself through us.

Come on, the God that created the cosmos wants us to be limited and restrict ourselves to only one race, only one belief system, only one kind of expression?  That just can't be!

So what's the solution? I know this blog post is not going to be read by the people who've caused anguish and pain in Charlottesville and our whole country, the ones most focused on merely surviving in the way they've always known it.

But to those who resonate with what I'm saying or to those who are beginning to see the light of truth, who are beginning to question, I say we have the power of the tipping point.

We have the power to create a critical mass number of people devoted to love and acceptance, to faith in knowing we are protected and cared for no matter what outer appearances may very temporarily demonstrate, to open minds and hearts and complete receivership of divine unlimited thought.

We can't just tell other people how we want them to be. That doesn't work. It's not curative.

We can't just stomp out what does not appeal to us.  Just preaching isn't going to do it. It's going to take example and the organic spreading of the energy we create by living exemplary lives.

We must keep living in the integrity of love and faith and acceptance of all.

It will spread. It will multiply. And the light of it will be so brilliantly bright, the darkness of fear and hate will be obliterated. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash