The Greatest Wisdom of All: We Are Never Ever Alone

Soul eyes realize that we are never ever alone

We may have very few or no family members or friends. Perhaps, given our work or lifestyle we have less opportunity than most others to interact with many other people. We might even have an abundance of family and friends but still feel lonely as if on an island, unloved, uncared for or simply taken for granted. Whether we have lots of people in our lives or not, we can still feel isolated, a misfit, alone and lonely. How we feel is only very partially the responsibility of others. Every relationship is ultimately a partnership and great partnerships take both giving and sharing.

Great partnerships aren't one-sided. When any partnership is lopsided in the amount of energy shared by either member, the relationship becomes unfulfilling at least for one of the members and eventually crumbles.

Ultimately, however, we each have a responsibility to ourselves to open to the wisdom that all of us create our own way in life and in relationships. If I desire people in my life to be more loving and sharing, I must be that person first. If I desire more people in my life to love, I must place myself in situations or places to be able to encounter people to love and give to. If I stay inside my house all the time and rarely venture out to give to my community, I seriously reduce my chances of connecting with more beautiful souls!

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Beyond the physical and beyond the five senses, however, there is a whole other unseen realm of souls who are our guides and ancestors already there and waiting for us to connect and interact with them. In the unlimitedness of divine creation, I suspect the number may be countless! We think the five senses are the 99% of creation and that the unseen realm is the mere 1% when, in actuality, it is the other way around. The 99% is what we do not perceive with our mere five senses. Imagine. If non-physical creation is 99% of vast infinite creation, imagine the potential experience that is waiting for us to partake of. Why not begin going there?!

The truth is...

You cannot stand anywhere in the universe that is outside of yourself.
— Deepak Chopra

Whenever we're feeling sad, alone, and lonely, we must remember we have an enormous non-physical family filled with brothers and sisters–divine companions–who are available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Moreover, they have a purview generally far beyond ours, an omniscience making them able to see what we cannot see and when we ask for it, the wisdom to offer the most brilliant pointers and guidance we've been seeking. I've had the experience of them joining with me in prayer and meditation. They come to me during my ceremonies. They dance with me and talk to me. They give me warnings, counsel and direction. They travel with me wherever I go and respond to my questions throughout the day when I ask.

Equally, if not more so, is another entity who is always there for us filled with love divine, a greater purview and infinite wisdom if only we tap into it—it is our very own Overself—the one who is right there with us all the time, walking with us, breathing with us, in joy with us, in compassion for and acceptance of us, unconditional, without agenda and forever being.

Our divine Overself (or Oversoul) is who we are. We think we are this body, this ego mind and this limited self when those are small parts of who and what we are. The Overself is our all encompassing soulular self. It encompasses even the soul with which we are easily familiar. How grand! And how limited we make our lives to be when we do not realize this greatness that we are right here where we stand or sit.

And when we put it all together, our guides, ancestors, soul and Oversoul, it's a "WE," not an "I" anymore. And not only do we have more brothers and sisters, more companions and guides than we can probably count, the wisdom we will garner from such realized union and communion with them can no longer be viewed as an interaction or union with "them." It's really and truly a union that has always existed but is now realized by us as "us." In this case, how then can we ever feel alone?


Photo by Stefan Keller

Chopra, Deepak. Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams. Bantam Books, 1992.