These Are the Times of Chaos and Confusion: A Classic Homeopathic Healing Response

Child's colorful drawing of a person in chaos and confusion

Since as long ago as I can remember, I had eczema, that rashy, burning, itching skin condition. I remember being such a little girl with my toes in pain from the chafing, burning rash. I went through my school years frequently suffering major flare ups whenever I got nervous and stressed. I had it more often than I didn't. Eventually and as an adult, I learned about holistic remedies one of which I'm sharing here. Interestingly, with holistic medicine's responses, there are interesting parallels to world events.

Into adulthood I went, all the while suffering from the unsightly, severely annoying and uncomfortable rash mostly on my hands and arms getting only temporary relief from doctor prescribed cortisone. 

Eventually, I adopted a holistic lifestyle and asked a homeopathic practitioner friend to help me. She prescribed the sulphur homeopathic, little tiny “sugar” pills delightful to take under the tongue. What better medicine could there be than that?! 

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The next morning, instead of experiencing a clearing of the eczema which had been limited to my hands and arms below the elbows, I was almost covered in eczema from head to toe.

I was burning and itching and absolutely beside myself with misery. My husband called our homeopath and when she heard about my response to the “medicine” she called her mentor who was a very esteemed professional in the homeopathic field. She came back to us saying that it was as she thought, that I was exhibiting a classic homeopathic healing response and it was very good indeed.

A classic homeopathic response means things get worse before they get better. It brings about true healing from the inside out–no more mere temporary suppression of the symptoms as is achieved by allopathic medicine. Instead of pushing it down and burying it for awhile, we have a bringing to the surface and expulsion of what is unhealthy and no longer serves us followed by a healing.

In a matter of just a few weeks, all the eczema, and I mean all the eczema, cleared up and I have not suffered a terrible episode in my life since and we’re talking 25 years.

A skin condition like that seems very chaotic when it’s happening and it grows and spreads the more you give attention to it by scratching or rubbing.

And the whole episode reminds me of the chaos our state of the union and world is currently undergoing.

All kinds of major world events causing chaos and confusion are happening bing, bing, bing, one after another that leave many of us feeling very incredulous. Many of us give it lots of negative attention and I think we’re actually adding more fear and anger energy for it to feed on. 

This year of 2017 is a rockin’ and rollin’ world. And for the time being, more of the same may continue for awhile. We’ve all collectively taken some “homeopathic pills” and now things have gotten really stirred up.

The healing from within is going to take awhile but at least it’s comforting to know there will ultimately be a true healing, a complete transformation of systems that really are no longer working for or serving us.

In Barbara Marciniak’s book, Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleidians published 25 years ago, we read a prediction for our future which is happening now in 2017:

There will be a merging of identities, a merging of cultures, an infusion of many ‘new world orders,’ and there will be much chaos and confusion. As members of the Family of Light, you can simply observe this, knowing that the chaos and confusion must come to break down the system so that it can be rebuilt with light.

The merging of identities and cultures is occurring as it must and it is feared by some–a number large enough to cause chaos. Instead of accepting an evolving world of a higher frequency, some become so uncomfortable with the new velocities they fight and rail against it. This is natural and there is a silver lining in that cloud.

Using the metaphor of a classical homeopathic healing response, we can clearly see that the global societal change and transformation we seek is actually in motion now. Just like I had to be calm and patient while my head to toe rash abated and my skin was able to heal itself, we must remain calm, aware, conscious, and very much focused on the end result we desire to experience:

a world of love, peace, creativity, honor and respect for ALL and a world that lives in the knowingness that WE ARE ALL ONE BODY.

Be assured that together we are indeed experiencing a classical homeopathic healing response!