Finding Sanctuary In Our Homes: 12 Arenas Worthy of Our Focus

A mulberry colored fabric hanging ceiling lamp illuminates a room of the same color

Updated August 23, 2018

In these very uncertain times, often just returning home feels like returning to safety! Many people are angry or in pain or just plain in such overwhelm that you can actually feel the energy of anxiety and chaos on the road. Is home just the building or is it something more? What is home if not our sanctuary, our sacred safe place of serenity, love and nurturance? (For a number of concrete home ambiance tips, be sure to download our free e-book, Top 10 Organize Your Home Tips.)

When I used to visit my son in East Orlando a little more than an hour’s drive from my home, I’d take the toll roads to cut an otherwise hour and a half drive down to only one. I’ve been driving for a lot of years and I’m pretty good at it by now but I could feel an energy on the road that I only felt on those roads both on the expressway and on the roads immediately surrounding my son’s place near the University of Central Florida. I came to realize I was picking up on anxious energies from the people traveling on those routes and I had to be very proactive protecting my own energies when I went out there.

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Needless to say, arriving back home was not only welcoming, it was so satisfying to my spirit. I’ve made myself a sweet beautiful home that reflects me in every way. There is not one thing that isn’t carefully selected and placed, not one thing that doesn’t hold meaning for me. In addition to that, I keep my home clean and neat and organized. I have a lot of fun doing that because the rewards of the energies created are so excellent.

Why not build on the following arenas of your life to begin constructing the most magnificent multi-dimensional "home" for you, bring you the sanctuary you seek and which will surely help protect you in any precarious times? It doesn’t take loads of money. It just takes a little creativity and willingness.

  • Your home: Make it lovely and peaceful. Clear the chaos. Simply, streamline and get rid of the superfluous to create a zen-like atmosphere. See this former blog post to get some concrete tips.
  • Your altar: Make a small altar in your home with candles burning imbued with prayer intentions and pictures or statues of ancestors and predecessors you admire.
  • Your family: Cherish and honor your familial relationships. Let them know how much you love them in the small and the big ways. If you live alone and you have loved ones in your life, make them food from time to time. Intend your kitchen to be the sacred space that helps feed the ones you love so much.
  • Your primary relationship: Look only to give rather than to have your own needs met. Don’t be the person who enters a room immediately talking about yourself, your challenges and your blessings. Let those you love express and really listen, then take your turn to share.
  • Your physical vitality: Reduce "couch time" and find the exercise you resonate with, then avidly pursue it; see this earlier blog post for a spectacular yet simple practice anyone can follow and with wonderful results. Remember and keep in mind, your body carries you through life!
  • Your garden: Dig and plant. Allow green to proliferate in your garden and let the flowers sing to you. Be sure to listen to them.
  • Your meditations: Near daily practice however short and done in joy–not obligation–will bring increasing rewards to you in your life and establish true and ongoing communion with your higher power.
  • Your inner altar: Make it radiant by your intention and holiness. Know that your soul is your built-in "homing device.” Realize this and cherish it.
  • Your spiritual journey: It’s your magic carpet ride. Know that your every moment is part of your spiritual journey. Even when bad days happen and they will, reach for the highest, most uplifting emotion you can find. For me, it’s usually HOPE. I know hope might sound wishy washy, but when I’m down it really lifts me up.
  • Your kindness and giving nature: If we’re not giving, we’re not truly living.
  • Your mindfulness and very being: Edit the chatter– both internal and external–and intend to be a sacred being who glides through life like the Buddha. You may not be a buddha today but you will be one day.
  • Your letting go: We cannot truly control anything. A zen saying goes, "What's hot is hot. What's cold is cold. What is–is." Perhaps, make this your mantra?

Editor's note: This blog post was originally published on March 15, 2017 and has been updated and enhanced for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.

Photo by Kendal James on Unsplash