Finding Sanctuary: 12 Arenas Worthy of Our Focus

 A stone carved buddha head

In these very uncertain times, often just returning home feels like returning to safety! What is home? Is it just the building or is it something more? Build on the following arenas of your life that will construct the most magnificent multi-dimensional "home" for you, bring you the sanctuary you seek and will surely protect you in precarious times.

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  • Your home; make it lovely and peaceful; clear the chaos; ZEN; see my blog post of June 27.
  • Your altar; make a small altar in your home with candles burning imbued with prayer intentions and pictures or statues of predecessors you admire.
  • Your family; cherish and honor your familial relationships.
  • Your primary relationship; look only to give rather than to have your own needs met.
  • Your physical vitality; reduce "couch time" and find the exercise you resonate with, then avidly pursue it; see blog post of June 10 for a spectacular yet simple practice; your body carries you through life!
  • Your garden; dig and plant; create green in your garden; let the flowers sing to you.
  • Your meditations; daily practice however short will bring increasing rewards and establish true and ongoing communion with your higher power.
  • Your inner altar; make it radiant by your intention and holiness; know that your soul is your built-in "homing device."
  • Your spiritual journey; it is your magic carpet ride.
  • Your kindness and giving nature; as Anthony Robbins has said, "The purpose of living is giving."
  • Your mindfulness and very being; edit the chatter both internal and external and intend to be a sacred being who glides through life.
  • Your letting go; we cannot truly control anything; in Zen it is said, "What's hot is hot. What's cold is cold. What is–is." Make this your mantra.