Living A Life On Purpose: 8 Ways to Get You Well On the Road

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Updated August 18, 2018

Everyone seeks meaning and purpose in their lives. The phrase “on purpose” is packed with meaning when we stop and think about it. It implies deliberateness, a conscious choice being made, and a resolute step in a certain direction. And when we expand that phrase just a tiny bit to say “on your purpose,” we further articulate our own indigenous meaning of purpose. To live on or according to our purpose is the most gratifying, expanding, and generous way we can live. It encourages us to develop a greater conscious awareness within ourselves and it creates never-ending ripples that radiate through our lives, our community, the planet and the cosmos.

There are many ways to light our paths for living our lives  on purpose. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Embark on a campaign to become a high integrity being in every aspect of your life.

    • Refrain from gossip and when you do speak, realize that your word is always your vow. Understand the impact your word and vow have on others’ lives and on your own.

    • Resolve to live your life as best you can in accordance with your core values. Compromising what’s important to us in the very core of our beings is destructive to our psyche.

  • Keep in mind that every thing we do affects every other being in the universe. Although we may feel like we can do certain things in secret or this little thing won’t hurt anyone too much, the universe is absolute. Every thought, word and action creates undeniable ripples that affect the whole. We might wonder how just one person could possibly make too much of an impact, positively or negatively, but if we all thought that way (and most people do), what would the world look like? What does the world look like?

  • Get more present to the seven virtues and strive to live them in your life.

  • When it comes to work and career, resolve to live on your purpose. Resolve to do that thing you came to do that only you can do in the way you do it. Find a way—there is always a way!—to do what you love to do. Check out Barbara Sher's famous book, I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was. She actually has several other superb books to guide you as well. Contemplate the fact that there is far more to life than the five senses perceive and open yourself to experience that truth more fully. Then watch your life unfold in mystical ways!

  • Make giving and serving a centerpiece of your life. When you enter a room or any social situation, don’t make it about you. Get to genuinely know the beautiful souls in front of you.

  • Learn to discern. Feel your way through life as much as possible. Live in the flow of life which means taking the routes your feelings are signaling you to make. Make decisions based on how things feel more than what you think you should do. Getting out of ego and into the heart will never steer you wrong.

  • Engage in rich, healthy, interdependent (not codependent) relationships. If you don't have them, begin to sculpt what you seek within yourself and because like attracts like, eventually your mental, emotional and spiritual health will attract the very people you’ve been desiring to be and experience life with.

Editor's note: This blog post was originally published on March 8, 2017 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.