2 Effective and Natural Ways to Combat Potential Superbugs

The intestinal system

On May 26, 2016 Sanjay Gupta, MD of CNN reported, "New 'superbug' no antibiotic can combat arrives in U.S."

We've all heard how antibiotics aren't working like they used to. Microbes are adapting. They're learning how to survive the attacks of antibiotics.

In another CNN interview with a microbiologist, the health pundit was asked what new approach we could use to combat superbugs and he answered, PROBIOTICS. He said we have to start looking at probiotics for our health. Hello?! Where has he been?! Maybe he’s been just steeped in the world of allopathic medicine but it's nice to hear they're more and more willing to give a real alternative like probiotics a good hard look.

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What a simple, affordable and really healthy way to fight such pathogens! Keep your intestines populated with probiotics (also known as friendly flora).

I once knew a man who was very old and very healthy. He never got a cold or the flu. He told me his secret was that every time he started to feel ill, he would go get a colonic irrigation or at the very least give himself an enema. By getting the bad bacteria out of the intestinal tract, you can ward off bugs and viruses very quickly, and if you keep your gut health regularly well maintained, you can usually ward off those bugs and viruses before they can even take hold in your system.

Another microbiologist, Larry Harris, formerly of the CIA, was asked on national television several years ago about how we can effectively combat lethal pathogens and he said:

The only natural substance I know of that is effective against these microbes is colloidal silver. I tested that myself when I was with the CIA, and found it effective against both anthrax and the bubonic plague pathogens. –Former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual. Barwick, Steve. Peoria, AZ: Life and Health Research Group, n.d. Print.

Concerning PROBIOTICS: Get a good one at the health food store. They are usually sold in the refrigerated section. Keep them refrigerated so that as many as possible of the millions and millions of friendly flora organisms stay alive. Don't take too much. Just take what the bottle says every day, at least until you learn how your body responds to them. There will be other benefits including much better waste elimination, glowing skin, resistance to colds, flu, healthier bones, nicer breath and more!

On COLLOIDAL SILVER: Again, get a good brand at the health food store, preferably one that uses nanotechnology. You want a silver with nanoparticles because nanoparticles are so small they can penetrate your mucous membranes far more effectively than regular colloidal silver. You can buy it in spray form or liquid dropper form. I use the liquid dropper form. It tastes fine.

Just put the prescribed amount under your tongue, hold it there for 20 seconds or so and swallow. Don't overdo colloidal silver either. Just take the amount prescribed on the label. And remember this mantra when taking colloidal silver, "Less is more and more is less." This means that if you take a much larger amount of silver than is suggested, it will be ineffective. But you can take it several times throughout the day.

We've all heard of rare people who turned blue after going wild on colloidal silver. Though this is rare, be smart and don’t go over board like that. There's nothing to fear even if you take it every day.

Not only are probiotics and colloidal silver effective at outsmarting bugs and superbugs, they're a whole lot cheaper and with no ill side effects.