Why People are Feeling Pain Out There

A person peers out from behind green leaves

Updated September 26, 2018

If you've been paying any attention to current politics you've probably heard some candidates say, "There's pain out there." They talk about coming to the rescue of the people who are struggling to get by on a daily basis, the people who are angry and tired of a stagnant standard of living and in some cases even a return to former less advantaged times.

While there are definitely many issues our lawmakers could better address on behalf of all the people, the best way to ensure change is to take responsibility ourselves. This requires more energy and maybe even some creativity on our part. And although we look to our government to make better decisions on our behalf and for our well-being, there’s another more fundamental reason why so many people are feeling pain and looking to their government, somebody, anybody to relieve their pain.

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The reason is that any evolutionary process, and we certainly are in one, is painful. This process is a lot like childbirth, and we all know how uncomfortable and painful that can be. We also know, having experienced change in our own lives, that change is painful. We find it especially painful when we resist and resent it all along the way.

Our world is in the throes of great evolutionary change while we move from a throwaway society to responsible stewardship of the planet, while our economies shift to support a new array of manufacturing and service businesses and careers, while millennials make the cry for equanimity, peace, love, caring and sharing, and while we begin realizing we’ve complicated living here to such an extent that all we really want to do is slow down, share equally among the people, grow some food in our gardens and enjoy earth’s natural gifts.

This much change is going to be painful unless we do our best to embrace it and flow with it. This much change will lead to something greater: TRANSFORMATION.

While it’s happening transformation can look chaotic and feel frightening. Ultimately, massive transformation will be a good thing. One day, years from now, we'll look back on today and hardly recognize it all, so evolved and in such a much better place we will be. This is the nature of humans. We all strive to thrive.

People who don't have the skills to cope with what's occurring now and with the even greater upheaval yet to occur may suffer terrible anger and/or they will simply perish as the Earth sloughs off what is not vital and alive.

More enlightened souls (meaning people who are making the conscious allowance to learn and transform) will learn to wear the mantle of change like well fitting clothing.

These times of enormous evolution (and pain by our own creation) however are actually leading us into a new epoch of peace, love, caring and sharing. When we see these times of chaos and upheaval for what they are, we can rest assured in our present and our future. We will know that all things pave a golden path on our journey of self-discovery and becoming.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published April 26, 2017 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.