4 Things We Can Do Right Now to Make the World Better

 A graffiti wall on which is painted a realistic image of girl contemplating
Society as a whole has a collective consciousness, which is the sum of the consciousness of all its individual members. Individual consciousness influences collective consciousness, and in turn is influenced by it. If collective consciousness can be brought in tune with natural law, the whole population will cease to violate the laws of nature. --Robert Roth, A Reason to Vote

If we wonder why people are so disgruntled that they push for a questionable candidate for the office of POTUS just because he is different, outspoken, and not part of the "establishment," or why candidates such as these even emerge in the first place...

if we wonder why millennials by the hundreds of thousands gather 'round a grandfatherly charismatic man pointing a long finger at gross inequalities in our society... or if we wonder why drama is part and parcel of our political and personal lives...

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we have no further to look than ourselves, individually and then collectively.

If we aren't developing ourselves to be oceans of peace, each one of us, we are not serving the whole. We must do everything we can to raise our consciousness so we can stop the insanity in our society, our government, and our global community.

Here are 4 simple things we can do to immediately to uplift our consciousness (having a great ripple effect on mass consciousness):

  1. Find one person each day to extend a simple kindness to.
  2. Stop repeating everything we hear, think or observe. We can edit ourselves by 90% without anything bad happening!
  3. Take time once a day to be still and quiet, training self to merely observe thoughts without attachment and with intention, receive the messages waiting to be heard from the still small voice within.
  4. Take five minutes daily to contemplate and know we are vessels of Divinity, sacredness, miracles, love, and respect.