Become Attractive!

 A young woman contemplating in the hills

We can be physically beautiful but there is such a thing as becoming attractive, a quality that radiates outward from within ourselves, a quality that causes people to simply want to be around us. In this list, you may find several not so obvious paths to becoming so attractive others clamor to be in your presence. May your inner beauty radiate!

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  • Drink lots of pure water. Your skin will take on a lustrous glow.
  • Breathe in the prana. Practice deep breathing exercises; learn the yogic practice of #pranayama.
  • Sweat it out. Stop always running for the air conditioning! Let the toxins release through the sweat but make sure you keep rehydrating yourself.
  • Eat green. Like drinking water, eating green fresh produce and algaes like spirulina and chlorella will make you glow, not to mention feel alive and full of vitality.
  • Go vegan. We aren't meant to eat our fellow sentient beings. This is a conflict when we do. Conflict shows up in our physical appearance.
  • Find your favorite #yoga practice. This could be Hatha yoga, hot yoga, walking meditation, dance, martial arts, whatever you are attracted to. It will bring a contentment to your being that will make you shine.
  • Smile a lot. Who isn't attractive who smiles all the time?
  • Stop controlling. Let things go to take their natural course. When we have to control everything, we become anxious and anxiety isn't pretty. Our face sags and eyebrows knit.
  • Be in service. Mother Teresa was one of the most beautiful beings who ever walked the planet.
  • Surround yourself with uplifting people and circumstances. We become what we focus on. Choose only the highest frequency influences in your life.
  • Immerse yourself in the arts. Arts are expressions of the soul. Create art or enjoy it. Wear the arts like a coat.
  • Love all. Let go of assumptions. In most cases, our judgments are wrong. Just #love.