Powerful Tips for Aura Hygiene

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Updated September 1, 2018

Sometimes how we respond to the challenges of life or our lack of preparation to do be able to respond with strength and resilience to those challenges can affect, damage or deplete both our auras and our system of energy centers known as the chakras. We can most often clear and balance them ourselves. At other times, we may be so energetically depleted we just can't do it effectively on our own and in those cases, it's important to seek out a well reputed body/energy worker for assistance.

Whether we clear our auric fields and chakras ourselves or receive the therapy from another, the exercise is beautiful, relaxing, restorative and re-energizing.

Here are a number of powerful tips for clearing and fortifying your auric field, however there are many more.

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  • Sound gentle tones into and around your auric field.
    • Use a gong, crystal or Tibetan bowl.
      • Strike chimes, bells, or any materials that make a sound you intuitively find comforting.
    • Bang a drum or percussion instrument like a rattle or rainstick gently all around your body.
  • Smudge your energetic field with sage.
  • Whisk a found bird's feather (one you’ve organically discovered as naturally discarded on the ground) through your energy field taking care to shake off auric field debris periodically with a sharp downward motion.
  • With your own voice, make tones which intuitively come to you and intend them to clear your auric field.
  • Use your conscious breath to cleanse the aura. Let the exhaled breath carry what is truly not of you away.
  • Allow wind prana to help clear your energies. Walk in the breeze and invite the wind to whisk away all that is not of the light.
  • Similarly, allow water prana to clear your energies. Call the water prana forth in the shower and know that it is cleansing not just your physical body but the unseen body of light around you.
  • Fortify your aura with light from a candle flame or fire. Sit before the fire and whisk the light from the flames into your energy field.
  • Use live flowers, especially flowers with scent, and run them around and through your aura. You can even tap your body with them to feel more energized, uplifted and healed.
  • Get your body moving in dance and use your hands and arms to sweep away debris. Move your arms and hands in a horizontal figure eight all through your auric field.
  • Lightly clap your hands or snap your fingers in your aura to generate light into it. 
  • Intuitively scan your auric field and energy centers for blocks and attached entities and elementals that do not belong there. Use your hands of healing light to remove them. Do this until you feel it is clear. Then fill the area with the light of your being.

The tips above are excellent to perform not only when you don’t feel up to par energetically, they’re also important for preventing damage or depletion to the auric field, but here are two important actions we can proactively take to ensure our auric fields are always looking like a dusted rose:

  • We can honor ourselves with loving self-care and make ourselves a priority in that self-care.
  • Even our diets and other physical practices can affect our auric fields and energy centers. Choose eating and other practices that respect and honor all life, including animals. 
  • We must never compromise our core values, beliefs and personal integrity.

The world at large is far too preoccupied only with what can be perceived by the five senses. Keeping our auras clear, strong and beautiful is all part of being a responsible being of light on the planet.

When our auric fields are clear and strong we can contribute positively to the lives of all those we share life with. When we aren't clear, we can become angry, hostile, resentful, depressed, lethargic or even sick. With unclear auras we can literally negatively affect the very people we love and care about.

When we take care of ourselves even in the realm of the invisible, we uplift not just our loved ones but the entire planet because all our actions ripple out into infinity.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on April 3, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.

Photo by Elena Ray at ElenaRay.com