6 Powerful Tips for Aura Hygiene

 A rainbow colored woman resting prone on yoga mat

Sometimes the challenges of life deplete our auras and our system of energy centers known as chakras. Often, we can clear or balance them ourselves but sometimes we may be so energetically depleted we just can't do it effectively on our own. In those cases, it's important to find a well reputed body/energy worker to go to for help. The sessions are painless, relaxing, restorative and energizing! Here are just six powerful tips for clearing your auric field, however there are many more.

  1. Bang a gong, crystal bowl, or Tibetan bowl softly around you.
  2. Bang a drum gently all around your body.
  3. Smudge the energetic field that vibrates around your physical with the smoke from sage.
  4. Ring a bell all around your auric field.
  5. Whisk a bird's feather (which you have come about naturally by finding one discarded on the ground) through your energy field taking care to shake it off periodically with a sharp downward motion.
  6. With your own voice, make tones which intuitively come to you into your auric field.

Photo by Elena Ray at ElenaRay.com

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