Top 10 Rewards of Meditation

A rose tattooed woman praying holding a long stemmed white lotus flower

Zen Buddhism was introduced to Japan from China in the 12th century and has had a profound cultural influence on the world. The aim of zen is to achieve sudden enlightenment (satori) through meditation (zazen).

In the most rigid sense, zazen or meditation is accomplished in a seated position, however more and more people are discovering that meditation is achieved in all sorts of ways.

Meditation can and should look different for everyone. If everyone pursued their spiritual practices in the exact same way, how would the world look? I suspect it might look and feel rather boring, without the beauty of variety, creativity, spontaneity,  and devoid of authentic organic passion for the practices.

Traditional texts and teachers say to sit up straight with legs crossed but if we’re not relaxed and feeling good during our time of meditation this is a real impediment to receiving the  infinite knowledge and divine communion we seek. Besides, I don’t think the creative joyful God I know would make demands on how we go about connecting with Him/Her/It.

Getting our bodies into a position that feels good to us will not only keep us relaxed, it will assist us to allow the flow of the River of Knowledge into our beings. Instead of being distracted by an ache, pain or discomfort, we can get right to the actual substance of meditation.

We can meditate in whatever way we feel compelled to. We can meditate in dance, movement, surfing, while taking walks, sweeping or scrubbing the floor, sitting quietly in a nature setting, laying in bed curled up in warm blankets on a stormy night, or lying prone in bed with arms outstretched (or not) on a very quiet morning.

And the benefits of meditation are many and they bring an increasing return over time.

  • By meditating as little as 15 minutes a day, you will find you somehow have more time in your day and a greater sense of relaxation.

  • Not only do you seem to have more time, your time is more productive. Your mind is clear to create and you do so from a more grounded state of being.

  • Little and big things just don’t seem to bother you as much. You start to peacefully respond to life’s events rather than impulsively react.

  • Your outlook on life gets brighter across the board. Life is looking up!

  • You begin to radiate more light from your being and it makes you more attractive to others. People start responding to you with smiles and kindnesses you didn’t get before.

  • You begin hearing Divine wisdoms that you can actually apply in living more successfully. These wisdoms come from your own inner being, your spirit guides and ancestors and your Overself. It doesn’t really matter from where. We are all one anyway.

  • Your physical vitality is noticeably more energetic. You have a greater ability to ward off sickness.

  • Your mental powers get sharper. Your brain fires more efficiently.

  • You become more intuitive, more psychic. You are better able to sense through feeling the truth and understanding of a situation.

  • You become s source for good in the world and it ripples out to infinity.

Photo by Elena Ray