20 Really Positive Outcomes of Our Current #SOTU

A fierce looking bald eagle

The state of the union (#SOTU) is in a very interesting, even promising place right now. Many may view our #SOTU as unacceptable, rife with scandal, preoccupied with materialism, demagogic, uncooperative and isolationist. When we look at what 'is,' and if we see it "through a glass darkly," there's a lot to be truly concerned about, yes. When we look at it from the inside out, however, it’s rich with golden opportunities for all of us.

We dare say our current world environment is inadvertently and unknowingly leading us right to where the most of "we" truly want to be as a compassionate nation with an agenda founded on striving for the good of all.

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These are just some of the positive outcomes we see at the present time:

  1. Through the catalyst of a contrast many do not enjoy or desire, we are learning to become far more aware beings.

  2. We are more deeply appreciating the freedoms we enjoy and how much we love this country.

  3. We are realizing we must have our fellow citizens’ well-being at heart and not just our own needs always front and center.

  4. We are moving more to a place of selflessness rather than being fixated on “I” and “me.”

  5. We are realizing what we truly want is to be more kind, more loving, more generous, more accepting, more allowing.

  6. We are learning the true meaning of integrity and honesty; truth is a virtue we are exploring more deeply.

  7. We are seeing that truth is simple and does not need to be guarded or defended against.

  8. We are discovering how our words and actions often don't match and many of us are now choosing to align both of those.

  9. We are learning how easily an unguarded and undiscerning responsible mind can be manipulated.

  10. We are becoming more active and proactive as we learn the detrimental consequences of reaction and frenzy.

  11. We are replacing lethargy and apathy with attention, action, creativity and productivity.

  12. We are coming to love and respect our Mother Earth more than ever as we become more attentive to her requirements for healing.

  13. We are contemplating and embracing the true meaning of humbleness and authenticity.

  14. We are discovering or getting even more profoundly acquainted with the mirror that teaches us that what we point out in another is almost always true about ourselves, therefore do not judge.

  15. We are recognizing that we are one world community, each soul connected to every other.

  16. We are beginning to choose to stop defending the indefensible and take responsibility for our actions.

  17. We are feeling protective of beauty and the arts and will not allow them to be crushed.

  18. We are developing more ability to discern what feels right and what doesn't feel right, opting more and more for what feels right.

  19. We are more able to conceive of the kind of nation we truly want to be and the ideals we prefer to stand for.

  20. We are progressively understanding that we must reach a critical mass number of people with bright shining souls who stand for all of the above in order to curatively effect transformation of our #SOTU!

Photo by Sue Tucker on Unsplash