12 Ways to Cope with Current Events: Finding Peace and Joy In Life Through Our Creative Nature

A white lotus grows out of the brambles

Won't it be wonderful when opposing "sides" are not so sharply divided and we all can begin to understand why we all believe as we do? In listening to the whys for various beliefs, perhaps this process will one day soon lead us to open our mental and spiritual vistas to accept truth in the far vaster picture of what is real. It can only occur if we expand our understanding nature to compassionately listen and realize where each person comes from.

Until that time, we should not live in agony or despair. We must live as joyfully as we possibly can. Emotions and feelings are creative. Agony, despair, and fear will indeed create, but just not what we truly want. Joy, happiness and a sense of evenness will also create and they will create far more beautiful things.

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Here are 12 ways to cope with what we perceive as very unpleasant current events in our nation and the world and how we can find peace and joy in our lives regardless of what is occurring around us:

  1. Know that arresting occurrences are only temporary. In the words of the Persian Sufi poets, "This too shall pass." This is a universal law. Rest assured in that and it will seem to pass more quickly.
  2. Re-focus. We must seize our creative power to replace the undesired with a new creation. If we don’t start doing it now, when will we ever? It takes energy to keep bringing our focus back to what is desired and more constructive, but after a few weeks of practice, we will find that we have acquired a very valuable asset for successful living. Have a key very pleasant go-to thought or image for the day ready in your mind and when the dreaded negative ugly stuff comes up, immediately divert yourself to that wonderful go-to thought or image and dwell there as long as you can. You’ll find that this will begin to have a very positive prosperity-creating effect in your life as a byproduct of this practice.
  3. Choose a higher frequency more pleasant quadrinity to live in. A quadrinity is similar to a simultaneous probability, but it is more than a probability. It is actually occurring as a simultaneous option. It would be limiting to think there is only one expression of ourselves in existence in this moment in all of creation. The Divine is unlimited. We are part of the Divine. There are countless “versions”of ourselves existing in this plane of demonstration and in others. One version of ourselves may be suffering through a very important life lesson and another version may be experiencing that same life lesson with ease. Choose the quadrinity experiencing ease by your intention and by your intention allow yourself to blend with it and for it to blend with you.
  4. Nurture yourself emotionally. Don’t engage with complainers and people who see life through a glass darkly. Do your best to surround yourself with people who are on a similar trajectory to yours. If your close loved ones tend to the negative, limit those conversations. You can also divert the conversations to what is constructive, good, beautiful and true.
  5. Nurture yourself mentally. Only watch, read or listen to news reports if you are honestly able to do so in a detached fashion. Detachment does not mean ignorance and it doesn’t mean you don’t care or that you should always idly watch injustices take place and do nothing. Strike a balance.
  6. Laugh as much as you can. Enjoy comedy. Get good at laughing. Be on the lookout for what makes you laugh. Comedians have one of the most important jobs in the world at this time. Not only will this serve to feed you emotionally, it will feed you spiritually and physically. You will feel lighter both in mind, spirit and in body.
  7. Nurture yourself spiritually. Immerse yourself in nature settings wherever possible. Take long walks. Visit parks. Enjoy the beach. Hike. Stop to gaze at and learn from the motionless toad. Let trickling water sounds encourage your sense of calm. Pick up a leaf and take in its unusual fragrance. Take off your shoes and go barefoot. Lay down on the grass. These are all meditations.
  8. Make your life a living constant prayer, an offering for the upliftment of the planet. Intend to be a walking, living, breathing, intending conscious member of the family of humans on earth.
  9. Begin and end your day with a few moments of sending love out onto the planet. Allow yourself to see the beauty of Infinite Creation and let it enfold you. If you wake up in the night, do it again. You will soon fall asleep.
  10. Nourish your mind not just with the wisdom from outstanding books and writings (always be sure to discern through your feeling nature their veracity; just because it’s printed doesn’t mean it is so). You may also choose to learn to nourish your mind and spirit by accessing universal wisdom and knowledge in meditation. There are many ways to get there through the receiving mode of meditation and we will discuss those in another blog post soon.
  11. Try to see the bigger picture. Ask for divine assistance to have a greater purview. We may not always be able to do this, but we should know that there always is more than our five senses perceive and that there always always is a silver lining in every dark cloud. We must remember that most life scripts have been carefully laid out even before we got here and that there are many probabilities as outcomes for every situation. In order to know what we truly desire or to more fully awake we often have to learn through experiencing contrast. This really is our choice, although we tend to choose the more challenging route of learning by contrasts more often and it usually happens by default (our lack of awake consciousness).
  12. Get beyond yourself. Move beyond self-centeredness which shows up as worry, fear, self-pity, anger, resentment and a lack of zest for life, and give, give, give. Resolve to be a light unto this world. In the giving, we receive everything and we have no more time for wallowing in despair.