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The spiral of sacred geometry


I'm Purusha—a small town Florida conscious living publisher, writer-blogger, educator and reminder, my happiest days are spent in my home sanctuary with my MacBook or in a nature preserve with my notebook creating provocative projects that just may inspire your conscious uplifted life. I surround myself with all that I love:  sacred geometry which I enjoy finding everywhere in nature, the quiet candle flame, dandelions and poppies and the sweet sound of violin strings.

Peace from Purusha Radha
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Live Your Life on Purpose (as in 'find out what that is!'), Feel and Live Your Power, and Get More Deeply Connected to Your Divine Source in the Most Joyful Ways


A diary–blog of spiritual insights and awarenesses current to what's happening in most everyone’s lives

I published a print conscious living magazine for nearly 20 years, so I'm pretty sure I can convey clear conscious living concepts and ideas through my blog posts (and maybe some other vehicles below as well). At least that’s my goal! I’m not into writing aery-faery style—just straight honest talk about the spiritual journey imbued with love. You are so welcome to read my innermost experiences in the radiantsoulblog. Turn on some ambient music, make a cup of tea and let's connect–heart to heart. It's my offering to you.... take what you like and leave the rest.

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I'm Purusha, a small-town Florida gal dedicated to broadcasting uplifting messages from the mountaintops and valleys, from the podium and from my heart.. Now, I'm passing on to you my most insightful knowings. I'd love to hear from you!


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