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Front covers from previous print publications entitled The Messenger and Velocity Magazine

before new aura

For close to 20 years, Purusha Radha published a very successful and conscious living print magazine named Velocity in Central Florida. Known for its captivating front covers and pages packed with high frequency content, Radha built Velocity's circulation to close to 30,000 copies per issue and a distribution to over 1,000 locations throughout the Central Florida region including the Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville and St. Augustine markets.

With no experience but a real desire to make an imprint on the community, Purusha Radha, a stay-at-home and home schooling mom began her publishing venture in 1998 as a tabloid newspaper she called The Messenger working at her dining room table.

She grew it into a well respected educational magazine with an enormous fan base. Radha now devotes her energy and passion to the digital magazine expression of ideas, philosophies and truths (some of which may be controversial) known as new aura available for sale at this website.