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Why new aura is digital...

We can't offer you in print what we can bring to you in digital format where pixels are backlit, and sound and movement animate and bring the magazine to life! A magazine like new aura, dedicated to the conscious spiritual life, is to be experienced and felt and not just read and observed.

new aura consciously utilizes the features made possible by digital publishing to amplify the content for your benefit. This is why we say "a transformed you with every swipe."

Here's what you get in new aura:

  1. the vibration of sound through embedded background music, sound effects, and voice recordings conveying emotion and depth of feeling
  2. the vibration of light and color through intentional layouts and images
  3. a virtual altar to enjoy complete with flickering candle and soft music
  4. video mini classes devoted to consciousness-raising practices 
  5. opportunities to communicate by email with the articles' authors just by tapping a hot link
  6. invitations to share your ideas and life experiences with the publisher also by tapping an email hot link
  7. free-spirited leading edge consciousness articles unencumbered by rules and dogma


Assist starseeds with recall: A significant part of our mission is to help Starseeds decode and unlock celestial being visitations experienced in childhood and the memories of their Starseed missions which were embedded deeply within them.

Amplify a reawakening of the masses: We serve to help awaken the plant to a higher form of consciousness and ultimately effect peace and love, honor and respect for all life everywhere.

Encourage as many people as possible to engulf the altered ego mind with the Christ Self: We desire to help magnify peace and harmony in the New Golden Age as light beings on the planet realize centered individuality and grounding in love and light.



more than a name... it's a message

new aura is an interactive magazine for the iPad (download the app at iTunes) and soon for your web browser right here at this site. It's your companion electronic resource for provocative leading edge conscious living wisdoms

As we develop the new aura app, you’ll be treated to a multi-dimensional platform of podcasts, videos, webinars, interviews, music, recorded and written articles containing wisdom and knowledge not often found in mainstream media. 

Each issue will be periodically updated so watch for updates in your new aura app on your iPad or in our email newsletters.

We’ll love getting your feedback so that we can constantly improve this classroom so please connect with us through social media but be sure to join our email list (Subscribe button left column) because it’s by email that you’re going to get even more unusual conscious living insights over and above what's published in the magazine app. 

Keep visiting this site because there will be tons of articles and features to help fuel your personal spiritual transformation as you become the totality of your Being.

Finally, we want this magazine to be read by millions whether it's our iTunes magazine version or the version you'll find here at this site–we intensely desire to be an integral part of world change! We promise to create the finest, most creative digital publication we can and ask you to help by writing us great reviews on iTunes, urging everyone you know to “get the app" and by engaging here at the site. We truly appreciate it.